Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's okay to be sexy!

Hello Internet!
Today I was going for a laid-back look, but I wanted it slightly seductive for my boyfriend. I love surprising him with cute outfits that make his pupils 10X larger and have him at my side all day. Even though he is in love with me for my personality, being sexy every once and a while can't hurt.

So while this doesn't look very sexy at all, I would like to point out something. Being sexy doesn't necessarily mean wearing tight clothing and push-up bras. In fact, the only tight clothing I am wearing are my skinny jeans, and they still wrinkle on me! However, this shirt is slightly see-through--only so you can see the color of my pale skin. I wear a nude bra with some orange lace on the back (not as tacky as it sounds, but you can definitely see the back of my bra...Thanks Target). My shirt also has lace slits going up my sides so if you look carefully, you can see through my shirt. I top it off with converse and skinny jeans.
I feel it is subtle sexiness, and I felt very confident of my outfit. Isn't that what life is about? To feel confident and comfortable and to love yourself? I felt sexy today in a loose shirt and 0 makeup (how many people can ever say that?). 

My advice to all:
Start loving yourself. I am recovering from being very self-conscious and insecure, but my friend told me to compliment myself in the mirror everyday. "Lindsey, you look great!" I say that out loud every morning, even if I don't believe. Because eventually, I will believe what I am saying. And you should too.

Xoxx, Lindsey


Okay, so this is my post for yesterday (I'll post another one today to show my outfit I wore today). So of course I am watching Grey's Anatomy (I'm not sure if I told you that already...)--and I have lost hours of sleep and studying. But what can a girl do? Anyways, after hustling to get dressed and running downstairs, I fall asleep at school. It was a very deep sleep despite being short (45 minutes), so I know school and Derek Shepherd must be tolling at my health. 
After struggling to get through the day, I of course forget to post my outfit. I'm so sorry! Here it is below: 

This outfit includes plum, leather-coated, skinny jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt (that I rolled up) and a white tank underneath. Not bad for being very tired. I wore my favorite Steve Madden slide-ons; they are leather with a black snake print. My hair is in a knot--not on purpose--and I am wearing no makeup. 

Any suggestions/comments on my outfits so far? I would love to hear from you in the comments!!

Xoxx, Lindsey

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dog and Flower

The weather has been improving and finally stablilizing after weeks of being bipolar. So, today I decided to dress up while keeping warm. 

I wore a black, long-sleeve crop top, a maroon skirt, a pink scarf, black tights and some ankle boots. You can't see it in the picture, but about two inches of my midriff was showing; this brought a subtle sexiness to the outfit overall. Like the weather, my school's AC is bipolar, so I often took off the scarf and rolled up my sleeves and then 45 minutes later would bundle up. 
My dog (and one love of my life), Cabo, joins me in the picture. He loves to play with me and is honestly my soulmate; I am a total dog person and I love him to death! We hold hands and play together everyday after school, and he knows how to make my day better (which is good because this week is so stressful).
I promised I would show a picture of my hairstyle to everyone interested, so here is a picture below. Again, Cabo is holding my hand to show support for my new (favorite) hairstyle. 

In this photo, my hair is unbrushed and very natural. The best part of this hairstyle is that it complements my 'relaxed' vibe and isn't hard at all. All I do is take a bit of my hair (1/4) and put it in a loose bun--I don't want the bun to tight, it is better to be loose. This bun gives my hair texture while showing my face; plus I can eat without having to pull my hair up. The strays fall gently around my face. The best part (besides how easy it is) is that the ponytail holds my bun all day! 
As mentioned before, it is such a crappy week and I am so stressed; I can't wait for spring break (hello L.A.!) for the chance to relax and look at some colleges. My boyfriend noticed that I am stressed and even though he is sick, he went out of his way to get me a flower. Every time I look at it I think of him. Buy a flower for someone; it could be a friend, family member or lover! It should be no more than $3.00 and it is such a sweet gesture and unexpected. 

Well, I'm off to doing homework--A.K.A. Grey's Anatomy! 

Xoxx, Lindsey.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Raining on my Parade

Last night I spent 15 minutes choosing my outfit, and I was damn proud of it. I slept in this morning, thinking that there would be no change necessary to it...except I didn't anticipate the rain. Sounding like bullets, the rain dropped onto the ground, my car, my windows, etc. So I had a slight, last minute wardrobe change: 

I paired this outfit with my black, North Face raincoat. Starting from the bottom, some actual leg warmers peek above my rain boots, while the denim connects the shirt (dark blue horizontal stripes) to the blue on the leg warmers. Overall, I was pretty pleased with my last minute option. However, later in the day I put my hair in a half-up bun--it sounds repulsive but it looks amazing and I got so many compliments on it! I will post a picture soon of the hairdo.

Update on perfection:
It sucks and takes a lot of effort. Studying my ass off and being nice to everyone is consuming. Plus, my boyfriend chooses today to act like an ass.


Sunday, March 8, 2015


IotW= Inspiration of the week.
Week of Sunday March 8, 2015.
So far: three quizzes, one test, spring break on the horizon.
Goal this week: perfection.

My goal, as stated above, is to be perfect. I know that there is no perfection, but what's the harm in trying? Our minds are clotted with images of perfect beings everywhere, making us feel like slobs. Well, instead of complaining about being a slob (which I proudly am), my goal this week is to try to be perfect. Whether that means waking up 30 minutes earlier or high on caffeine, I vow to you (the internet) that I will look amazing, study hard, and put friends (and boyfriend!) first. I will be that girl this week. 
So, how am I going to achieve this so-called 'perfection'? By playing the part of course! In this cold and nasty weather--which I am somehow addicted to--I will look like a model, and hopefully feel like one too. My inspiration, Pinterest, has given me some excellent clothing advice: nudes, blacks, and whites. Color can sometimes get overwhelming, so try to minimize it in order to look more put together; attempt in having one (or no) main color in your outfit, this should tie it together. 

This outfit, specifically, is my inspiration outfit of the week. The unknown model from Pinterest most likely is wearing all black underneath that gorgeous cream-colored jacket, which brings in elements of the scarf and shoes together. The scarf also connects to the plum purse, which gives the outfit a cool vibe. This is my inspiration because it is not too busy, yet it isn't too sloppy. The converse highlight the youth in the picture, since you can dress like you are 30 when you are 30. So because of the youth, minimalistic colors, and effortlessly cool vibe this outfit gives, I easily choice this outfit to include in my post. 

Well, that is all today. Tune in (hopefully) tomorrow to get an update on my outfit! 

Good luck to all on the week ahead...
Xoxx, Lindsey


Sorry for the lack of posting! However, I plan to get back on. So, my goal for this blog (as you can tell by the title), is to post a mixture of everything: ranging for advice I wish I told myself to recipes I review. How is that going to work? Well audience, let me tell you; at first, it will be hectic, with different topics and themes sprouting out of your computer, but it will eventually calm down and focus on a couple of topics I am most passionate about. Like a baby, my blog will be nurtured and loved so it can grow into a unique being (aka blog). So don't feel overwhelmed just yet!! I have great ideas that I plan to share and I look forward to your feedback.

xoxx, Lindsey

Monday, February 2, 2015

Lava Cake

After a long day and an 'eh' dinner, I want a fabulous dessert that I don't have to wait :45minutes to bake: I want something that will satisfy my tastebuds and something that is easy to make. The internet posed an interesting recipe--lava cakes. So of course, I decided to try it out.

Recipe (courtesy of Buzzfeed and C. Byrne)
Okay, I forgot to put in the salt, but, it was still really good. One change though: mine turned out too gooey so I would add a couple of minutes to the time in the oven (try 15 minutes instead of 11?). My 10 year-old brother agreed with me on this one, even though we both ate in (delicious) silence for three minutes at most. Definitely add fruit, possibly powdered sugar, and don't forget any ingredients! 
Overall I would make again with the changed baking time.

My lava cake (shot with the snapchat camera and colors enhanced via photoshop. Added to my lava cake are strawberries and powdered sugar).

Their lava cake (shot with a professional camera and most likely edited somewhere. Added is vanilla ice cream and berries).

Xoxx, lindsey.
See you soon!